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Green Lake Jewelry Works Opening Soon


The Meyden team was thrilled to attend the Green Lake Jewelry Works pre-open party!

Members of the Bellevue community admired the space and learned more about the Seattle-based family-owned company. Custom pieces were displayed on screens throughout the space while a video featured the process of creating original fine jewelry.


Green Lake Jewelry Works is an award winning, custom jewelry store that allows clients to work directly with the artists to create original engagement rings, wedding bands and other fine jewelry.

Green Lake Jewelry works first opened in 1996 just across from the iconic Seattle park that is its namesake. In 2006 Green Lake moved to a stand-alone space on Northgate Way to accommodate its growing team. Bellevue will be Green Lake's second location.

Similar to the Seattle studio, the Bellevue studio will be an open workshop partitioned by large panes of architectural glass. Every piece of will be crafted on site.

Green Lake Jewelry Works said, "We’ve always been the kind of shop where people can work with the artists directly; we don’t have any ‘salesmen’ in the conventional sense. Bringing our clients into the process provides a transparent experience that’s more compelling than a traditional retail exchange."

We can't wait to see the unique pieces created in the brand new Bellevue studio. Green Lake Jewelry Works is set to open in The Meyden retail area this May.


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